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Your life through Disney tinted glasses.



  • 1. Who would be your Disney spirit animal?

  • 2. Would you want to be, a Disney villain or hero/ heroine?

  • 3. Would you be an official Disney princess/prince or an unofficial princess/non-prince?

  • 4. What would you spend your days singing about?

  • 5. What is your burning desire?

  • 6. What is your fatal flaw?

  • 7. Which Disney pet would you claim as your own?

  • 8. Which Disney parents would you choose as your own?

  • 9. Whose wardrobe would you steal?

  • 10. Who would be your Disney arch nemesis?

  • 11. What would the tag line be for ‘Your Life, The Disney Movie’?

  • 12. Which Disney characters would make it into your friendship circle?

  • 13. Which Disney character would you choose to offer you advice and wise words?

  • 14. Whose magical powers would you want?

  • 15. Which Disney character’s life would you want to steal? Or at least try out for the day?

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