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Your life through Disney tinted glasses.



  • 1. Who would be your Disney spirit animal?

  • 2. Would you want to be, a Disney villain or hero/ heroine?

  • 3. Would you be an official Disney princess/prince or an unofficial princess/non-prince?

  • 4. What would you spend your days singing about?

  • 5. What is your burning desire?

  • 6. What is your fatal flaw?

  • 7. Which Disney pet would you claim as your own?

  • 8. Which Disney parents would you choose as your own?

  • 9. Whose wardrobe would you steal?

  • 10. Who would be your Disney arch nemesis?

  • 11. What would the tag line be for ‘Your Life, The Disney Movie’?

  • 12. Which Disney characters would make it into your friendship circle?

  • 13. Which Disney character would you choose to offer you advice and wise words?

  • 14. Whose magical powers would you want?

  • 15. Which Disney character’s life would you want to steal? Or at least try out for the day?


Did you know? At one point Disney had full intentions to make Giselle part of the official Disney Princess lineup? In fact evidence was found back at a 2007 toy fair where an upcoming official doll from the film had the news printed on the outside of the box. Yet sadly this never came to be, as they soon realized that since she is also live action they would have to pay Amy Adams for her likeness. So now you know why Enchanted is almost nowhere to be found when it comes to merchandise or even meet and greets in the park! 


okay here are some full size crops of those color overs I did of the concept art. FEEL FREE TO USE THEM AS TUMBLR ICONS OR RP ICONS??? I made them way back before there was any sort of DVD or cam rip for the movie for my dreamwidth rp account— but yeah. I just happened to stumble upon the PSD.

If you do use them PLEASE reblog or like so I know. Or just reblog/like because u like em’. IDK. it’s ur life.

I can upload the anna ones later in their full size glory. Hans will not be uploaded in full size because those were for a friend and unless you are willing to indulge me in tons and tons of Hans/Elsa RP I am not gonna be colorin anything for u. (◡‿◡✿)

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